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Ashton Hydroponics is one of the leading Hydroponics shops in the UK. Our products include grow lights & tents, a huge range of nutrients, boosters, full systems and much more.

Since opening back in 2009, we have developed a team of dedicated hydroponics professionals who have an expert knowledge in nutrient plant growth. Ashton Hydroponics has a long-lasting relationship with both our customers and suppliers, which means that all of our hydroponics products are of the highest quality.


For those who are unsure of what the hydroponics world entails, it is simply a soil-free method of plant growing. Believe it or not, once the nutrients from the soil have been absorbed into the water, the soil is no longer needed.


By using hydroponics as a method of plant growth, you can

- Stay in control of the nutrient level
- Reuse the water that remains in the hydroponic system 
- Reduce the amount of pesticide damage 

All of which means your plants can grow healthier.


With Ashton Hydroponics, you can browse our wide range of products online and set up your tailor-made system today