Ashton Hydroponic Shop – Bigger & Better


As many of you may have heard we have now moved our Ashton Hydroponics shop over to our new unit in Manchester, Audenshaw. It was safe to say that we needed the extra space as we are now able to give you more products than ever before!


When you pop into our store you will find everything that you’ll need to start your very own hydroponics garden. Best of all when you come to see us we can offer you a free consultation, so that you know that you are buying the right equipment for your Hydroponic garden.

We have updated our showroom which now hosts an abundance of products which can make your growing process an easy and simple one.

Ashton Hydroponic Shop Floor

We show no signs of slowing down and we are always looking towards bigger and better things for the Ashton Hydroponic shop.
That is why we can’t wait to bring you our weekly blog which will give you some amazing hints and tips on how to get the most out of your Hydroponics system. Make sure you check back each week to see our latest blogs.

So, why not come and visit the Ashton Hydroponic shop just a minutes drive off the M60. Whether you’re a beginner or an expert we can help you on your Hydroponics journey and growth.

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