Believe us…… You don’t need a garden to grow your own plants!


The 21st Century is seeing more houses and buildings being built. This is resulting in less land for nature to take place and allow us to grow our own plants and produce.

Construction of high-rise buildings being built to accommodate our ever-growing population has led to people being left disheartened at the lack of options and space when it comes to gardening. Not anymore, hydroponics has the answer you’re looking for.

Did you know this could begin to impact our health? Plants can remove up to 10% of the carbon dioxide that is found in the air. If you live in a flat, apartment or home that does not offer outdoor space to grow plants then you will not be reaping the benefits of having nature surrounding you.

However, don’t be fooled, many people are surprised that plants don’t require soil to live. This means having no garden doesn’t stop you from growing your own produce! The science behind hydroponic growing means that each and every one of us can enjoy gardening, whether you’re dreaming big or small, growing in your own home has never been easier. Hydroponic gardens are simple to maintain, and what’s better than growing fresh, home-grown fruits and vegetables.

For starters, there are endless benefits to having your own hydroponic garden. One of the main advantages of growing hydroponically is that your produce grows 30% – 50% faster, how cool is that? This means the waiting game isn’t as long and the yield is doubled. Less time more produce…… Sounds too good to be true.

The main reason for this is down to the plants not having to search for nutrients through the soil, instead the nutrients are supplied directly to the root several times a day. Hydroponics plants also have fewer issues with bug infestations, funguses and being eaten by other animals lurking in our outdoor gardens.

Another added bonus of gardening this way means you don’t have to wait for the right season, it’s down to you to can create the correct environment indoors!

It’s a perfect solution especially when your guaranteed fresh produce every time plucking it straight from your own home. You can grow literally anything you would like. From herbs to your own fruit and veg. Or maybe you would just like to grow your own flowers so you can have your favourites around your home all year round.

Hydroponic gardening promotes a controlled sterile environment for plant production, it requires no pesticides, fertilizers or other chemicals.

With many of us now choosing to live our life organically and eco-friendly, hydroponics systems couldn’t fit the bill anymore. Using 90% less water than standard gardening and no need for use of chemicals means it can be a great investment in your life, health and wellbeing.

Worried you won’t have space to have your indoor garden? Then you’re wrong, not all hydroponics systems have to take up your home. Smaller beginner’s systems can be achieved with minimal space and are great for those avid gardeners just looking to start out. You will need roughly 5.4ft2 (0.5 m2) of space to begin your hydroponics journey. Why not try a vertical hydroponics system saving you even more space? Read more on vertical gardening in Maximum Yield –

Our team of experts are here to offer the friendly advice you need when considering starting your own hydroponic garden. Come in and see us that’s what were here for, we will help you pick the best set up to achieve exactly what you want.

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