Rhino Hobby Filter 200 x 600

Rhino Hobby Filter 200 x 600


The Rhino Hobby Carbon Filter is a budget filter to suit small scale operations, the rhino hobby as the name suggests is ideally suited for the enthusiastic hobbyist. This product contains Australian-mined RC412 carbon which is the maximum activated carbon available, and is designed with a fully reversible neck to give maximum flexibility for a new or smaller scale grower.

  • Fully reversible duct-coupling end maintains lifespan

  • Effective removal of harmful odours and particles from grow areas

  • 100% RC412 carbon and top quality construction

  • Perfectly matches a huge range and variety of sizes

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With a 30mm bed of carbon this is a much lighter and compact filter, providing a lifespan of up to 12 months and a product which you can truly depend on. We recommend swapping the duct-coupling end around with the bottom every 8-12 weeks for maximum efficiency, and this will also help the product maintain its long life.