Root!t Cutting Mist 100ml

Root!t Cutting Mist 100ml
  • Root!t Cutting Mist 100ml


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Root!t Cutting Mist 

Cutting Mist is a spray that is used to improve the success rate of your cuttings growing. It works the best when used with softer, hardwood-like materials, and can prevent deaths or grow failures. An invaluable tool!

  • Increases the chances of successfully cultivating a new rooted cutting
  • Can prevent failures and deaths with its unique formu
  • Can be used before the cutting stage for maximum efficiency

RootIt Cutting Mist contains:

  • 1 X 100ML of Root It Cutting Mist


Cutting Mist is sometimes used to treat plants a few days before taking cuttings. This helps the success rate. If you're having trouble getting those cuttings going, use this balance of formulas on your plants a few days before making a cutting. It can also be used on cuttings to help them grow, so it is fine to use at any stage.

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