PowerPlant Aerowing

PowerPlant Aerowing
  • Powerplant aerowing air cooled reflector with closed glass hatch
  • Powerplant aerowing air cooled reflector front perspective
  • Powerplant aerowing air cooled reflector from base perspective
  • Powerplant aerowing air cooled reflector opened glass hatch


The Powerplant Aerowing is the reflector you need wherever heat is an issue. These reflectors provide a "Closer to plant" Growing experiance all thanks to the aerowings air cooled design.


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High quality inline air cooled aluminium reflector. Great for all general grow room needs where heat is an issue. The PowerPlant AeroWing allows ‘closer to plant’ growing through its unique air cooled design, Which draws air past the lamp through 152mm (6″) outlet at the rear of the lamp holder. The inline duct design achieves rapid heat dispersion. Works with the PowerPlant IEC 4m cord allowing the lamp to be fully adjustable.

  • Cool running double wall design.
  • Dual parabolic ‘gull wing’ inner reflector.
  • Inline vented for super air cooling.
  • 150mm (6″) flanges already attached.
  • Glass supplied in airtight cradle.
  • Easy glass cleaning/Removal whilst the fixture remains in place.

Now supplied with improved glass and glass sealing frame making an airtight seal, But also allowing access to the glass for cleaning/removal.

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