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Power Plant Aerotube
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The detailed design of the extremely desirable Power Plant enables the grower to blow or extract air through through the reflector and over your lamp, ensuring that all the heat emitted from the lamp is taken away before it can raise the temperature in your grow room. If you are planning to grow in a small, compact enclosure where heat could be a problem, then it could be a wise decision to use a Power Plant Aerotube reflector to fit in line with your extraction system.

Power Plant Aerotube reflectors will also come in handy if you are intending to operate several lights in a large tent or room as they can be interlinked with some ducting to allow you to run one large fan to extract the heat from them all.


  • Hanging hooks
  • 4-metre cable with an IEC connection
  • a set of reflector wings

The sought after, desirable Power Plant Aerotube is one of our most popular products as it is durable, hard wearing and resilient. Each and every piece of equipment has been thoroughly checked and tested out before delivery so that it reaches you in perfect condition, and can be customised and modified if needs be. All of our fantastic merchandise is fully CE-accredited and comes with a 25-year guarantee.


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