Parabolic Reflector

Parabolic Reflector
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If you are growing plants in any place where heat could be an issue then the Parabolic Reflector will allow you to complete the process easily and efficiently. It is one of our most popular products due to the fact that it is affordable and reliable and consistently impresses on all levels. In a standard reflector, the lamp is typically mounted horizontally with the light and heat is directed downwards towards the area directly beneath the reflector. With Parabolic Reflector apparatus, the lamp is instead mounted vertically, allowing heat to be directed away from the plants.

· Ensures steady and constant development
· Soil stays fresher and more fertile for longer
· Significantly reduces the chance of nutrient imbalance
· Plants are under less heat stress

The Parabolic Reflector is available in two sizes-medium, which is available with 600W, 400W and 250W HD lamps, or large (100cm)-compatible with 1000W or 600W lamps. If you are intending to reduce the heat of your growing environment with minimal disruption and disturbance then using a Parabolic Reflector and a digital ballast will most certainly help move things along. Each piece of equipment is fully CE-certified and comes with a 25-year guarantee.

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