Newa Maxi Maxijet

Newa Maxi Maxijet
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The Maxi-Jet pump offers you optimum performance at a low power consumption. The pumps can be used submerged in the tank or even externally if you'd prefer.


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These neat little pumps are so reliable and that is why they are fitted in so many different hydroponic systems available.
Maxi Jet MJ pumps offer you high performance with a low, power consumption and they are resin encapsulated to provide a sealed unit that is very quiet. These pumps may be used externally outside your tank with your inlet and outlet pipes fitted, but more commonly they are sub-merged internally inside your tank with just an outlet pipe fitted.There is a Maxi-Jet Pump to suit any size system or tank, we stock the MJ500, 750 and 1000 giving you plenty of choice to suit your needs. Maxi-Jet Pumps come with a triple-suction cup mount, an adjustable hook with cable guide and a grid support for foam cartridges. These water pumps are incredibly efficient and quiet, perfect for any indoor growing application. If you need a cost-effective pump then the Maxi-Jet MJ range is a great choice!
Maxi Jet 500: 490 litres per hour – 0.95 metre lift.
Maxi Jet 750: 670 litres per hour – 1.5 metre lift.
Maxi Jet 1000: 1000 litres per hour – 1.5 metre lift.

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