Hemp Oil CBD SoftGel Capsules (300mg)

Hemp Oil CBD SoftGel Capsules (300mg)
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Plant Life Soft Gel Hemp Oil (CBD) capsules

Plant Life Full Spectrum, Water-soluble Phyto-cannabinoid-Rich (PCR) Hemp Oil SoftGel Capsules. 30 Capsules per packet. 10mg CBD per capsule.

Each capsule contain 10mg of phyto-cannabinoids per dose and have been designed to have maximum absorption within your body resulting in a bioavailability of 3-5 times higher than other cannabinoid oils leading to enhanced biological response.


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Hemp Oil CBD SoftGel Capsules (10mg per capsule)

Our full spectrum hemp oil is created with our patent-pending water soluble liquid, along with CBD there are also other minor phytocannabinoids such as CBG, CBN, CBC & over 40 naturally present terpenes.

Product Attributes:

  • Zero THC
  • Full Spectrum Profile
  • GMP/NSF Manufactured
  • Pharmaceutical Grade
  • Available in 10mg & 25mg

Zero THC:

Our zero THC phytocannabinoid hemp oil has absolutely no detectable levels of THC. Our Extraction & purification process produces a full-spectrum oil, containing all cannabinoids & terpenes naturally found in hem, but without the THC.

Chromatography & 3rd party testing ensures accurate measurements of phytocannabinoids & confirms the absence of THC through our proprietary processes.

For more information please visit: www.myplantlife.co.uk

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