Ducting Pressed Bend 90 Degrees

Ducting Pressed Bend 90 Degrees
  • Ducting Pressed Bend 90 Degrees



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When your ducting needs to take a turn, the Pressed Bend is what you need. While usually a bend in the ducting causes drag and makes your system less effective whilst increasing noise, the innovative pressed bend design that this product utilises avoids this completely. Enjoy all the compact benefits of a right angle turn without having to sacrifice efficiency for it!

  • Lightweight, sturdy and reliable
  • Clever design creates quieter and more efficient bends in your ducting
  • 100% reusable
  • Available in a huge variety of sizes

What You Get:
Ducting Pressed Bend 90 Degrees contains:

  • 1 X Ducting Pressed Bend 90 Degrees from 100mm (4″)


We recommend that you always position bends in your system so that you can achieve the shortest and most efficient route possible from your grow areas to whatever destination is ideal. Take care that you use a proper connector, too, with duct tape or similarly matched couplings ensuring that a thorough seal can be created and nothing is wasted.

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