Canna Mono Potassium 1L

Canna Mono Potassium 1L
  • Canna Mono Potassium 1L


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Canna Mono Potassium

Canna Mono Potassium is the perfect product to bring your plants to life in a spectacular way. This mononutrient is precisely designed to stimulate the blooming top of specific plants, as well as increase the resistance to disease of anything you grow. Do not mix this fertiliser with magnesium or calcium.

  • Mononutrient
  • Increases resistance to disease
  • Increases growth and bloom
  • Incompatible with magnesium and calcium


It can be hard to bring plants up perfectly, as they are suspectible to disease and have to be cared for with great precision. Canna Mono Potassium gives you a little breathing space to relax and ensures your plants will survive well.

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