2L Measuring Jug With Handle

2L Measuring Jug With Handle
  • 2L Measuring Jug With Handle


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2L Measuring Jug With Handle

This 2l Measuring Jug is the best choice for pouring thick liquids or larger volumes than a syringe or pipette can manage. It features an ergonomic handle for ease of use, and it allows any level of grower to apply an incredibly precise amount of water to their essential crops. Enjoy full control over how your plants grow with this simple, yet incredibly effective growing tool!

  • Hard plastic ensures a long life free from wear
  • Variety of measurement marks in a number of units
  • Strong handle to take even the heaviest loads
  • In-built spout to remove the chance of spills and excess dripping

2L Measuring Jug contains:

  • 1 X 2L Measuring Jug with handle


This product is specifically designed to allow optimal transfer between the jug itself and other containers such as nutrient tanks and spray bottles. We recommend that you always take care to thoroughly clean the jug after use, however, in order to avoid contaminating your liquids with the chemicals contained in others.

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