Gavita Wide Reflector

Gavita Wide Reflector


The W 150 DE is most suitable for vegetative rooms where you need to spread the light over a larger distance. The Gavita 150 DE is easy to install, no tools required. And is suitable for 750-1000W HPS double-ended lamps. The widespread reflector significantly reduces hot spots right below the fixture, when using the wide spread reflector you can lower the light a further 6-12” without the risk of burning your tops.

The Gavita wide reflector is a completely new line of reflectors made from Vega/Micro aluminium designed to give a wider light spread. These Reflectors are specifically designed for the double ended lamp and are made for maximum efficiency. Gavita contines to set the industry standard for lighting technology. Gavita sets the bar higher again with interchangable reflectors, making the Gavita Double Ended Light Reflectors not only the most reliable and the most efficient but now, the most convienient and customizable.

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Maximize your overlapping lighting plan and the Power of Gavita Double Ended Lighting with 150 Degree Wide Reflectors. Easy to replace, just clip in.

Get your light closer to a plant canopy in a large room or with lower light levels achieve optimal distribution with lower light levels? The W 150 DE will deliver you unrivalled uniformity and efficiency. It is developed specifically for Gavita 750W and 1000 W double ended lamp fixtures.

Features & Benefits

  • Replacement reflector for Gavita Pro line & HortiStar
  • Easy to install, no tools required
  • Wide spread for optimal uniformity (150° beam angle)
  • Suitable for 750-1000W HPS double ended lamps


  • Reflector Material: vega / MIRO aluminum
  • Article Number:
  • EAN code: 8718403052831
  • Beam Angle: 150 Degrees Beam Angle
  • Plan style: overlapping plans
  • Plug & Play: Yes Hortistar/ ProLine