Gavita Pro E-Series DE UK

Gavita Pro E-Series DE UK


The Gavita Pro 1000w DE UK is a Manufactured, resourceful piece of apparatus and bears the hallmark of true quality and excellence. It also comes with a 3-year manufacturer’s guarantee, so can be replaced free of charge if found to be faulty. Our team of experts check and test out all Gavita Pro DE UK items in order to ensure that they are in perfect working order and pristine condition

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The Gavita Pro DE UK is the very first 240 volt electronic ballast which powers the professional, efficient 600W 400V (electronic) lamps. These fantastic lamps have the highest light output as well as a significantly improved spectrum and the finest light maintenance that can be located on the market (>95% PAR light over 1 calendar year of usage).

Being the most efficient and productive horticultural lamps-and indeed the only lamps which have been specifically developed and manufactured for electronic ballasts- the Gavita Pro DE UK is proving to be an incredibly popular choice amongst our clients.

  • Full fixture only for 400V Double Ended EL lamps.
  • Very low heat dissipation and optimal cooling.
  • Driver efficiency at full power 95-96%.
  • UL Listed.
  • No acoustic resonance.
  • Up to 8% more grow light.
  • Professional UV resistant rubber wiring.
  • Light maintenance after 5000 hrs > 95%.
  • Available as full fixture or remote ballast.
  • Adjustable to 600/660/750/825/1000/1150 watt.
  • System design and concept by Gavita.
  • Sealed housing (Class I) with Gore-Tex ventilation plug.
  • Microprocessor controlled.
  • Able to connect up to a master controller.