Filters & Fans

This is everything you could possibly need to create the perfect growing environment for your plants. Environment is the most important thing when it comes to indoor gardening. If your environment is perfect then the plants will thrive.


The Revolution range is simply a cut above the competition. Free running, double balanced axial impellor with matching guide vanes, coupled to the powerful efficient German motors make these fans, more powerful and more efficient than any other fan in this class.

The Revolution Silenced fan is a class apart, the most efficient fans on the market are then wrapped in an engineered silenced body. The specially designed acoustic body and the acoustic foam halves the noise of the standard fan without reducing the powerful air flow. Our silenced fans are engineered to be sealed, powerful and silent.  

A new standard in air filtration is now set higher than ever before with CarboAir.
CarboAir offers supreme quality, excellent air flow and all our filters are tested at Systemair so you can be assured it delivers what you expect. Great air filtration without choking your extraction fan.


The Systemair RVK fan sets the standard to which all fans are measured. Engineered to last, made in Germany. 

The Isomax fans is top of the market because it moves crazy amount of air whilst remaining super silent at the same time. This fan will sort out any kind of heat issues from your indoor garden. Use with the Hybrid fan speed controller to be able to silently dim the fan speed.


Rhino products are known for their quality and have become a favourite with all levels of grower, due to their durability, product shelf life and ease of use


Ducting is essential to any indoor garden as it allows you to direct extracted air anywhere you like within your growing area. We stock ducting from the standard aluminium to Combi ducting which has a black light tight coating that will stop your ducting from ripping during installation. We also stock the acoustic ducting which is filled with insulation to prevent the noise from the air movement and also stops heat transfer back into the grow room.