DimLux Expert Series 600W EL UHF

DimLux Expert Series 600W EL UHF


DimLux Expert Series 600W EL UHF with 600W Xtreme ballast, 600W 400V EL Philips lamp and Alpha Optics 98 reflector (available with NanoTubes)

The DimLux expert series are designed according to the Single Bounce Clear Sight (SBCS) principle and comes equipped with Miro Silver mirrors giving an amazingly high efficiency that’s unrivalled across all other available horticulture reflectors.

Comes provided with adjustable side reflectors for better overlap and minimises wall losses, due to the open design of the reflectors the lamps are passively cooled which can drastically increase the efficiency and lifespan of the lamps. There is a 50mm air vent on these reflectors which can significantly reduce room temperatures by extracting the hot air flow.

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