DimLux Expert Series 630W

DimLux Expert Series 630W


DimLux Expert Series 630W is a complete Dual Full Spectrum lighting fixture with 630W Ballast 2x 313w full spectrum Philips lamps and includes the Alpha Optics 98 reflector. The reflector has been designed to the single bounce clear sight principle (SBCS) and comes equipped with Miro Silver mirrors. Due to these features the Expert Series can reach an unprecedented level of efficiency (98%).

These lighting kits come provided with adjustable side reflectors for better overlap and to minimise wall loss. Due to the open design of the reflector the lamp is passively cooled which is a benefit for the life and efficiency of your lamps.

Comes with two Philips Greenpower 315W CDM lamps (Ultra High Frequency) and includes a standard 2.5 metre Interlink cable with a 50mm air vent on the reflector which significantly reduces the air temperature by extracting the air.

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