Ashton Hydroponics continues to grow


There have been many changes going on at Ashton Hydroponics within the last year, our biggest one being the move to a new megastore! Which so far has shown to be a great choice with the new fantastic showroom, from which we have had great feedback! As spoken about in a previous blog we are now able to bring you more of the best products, at the best prices than ever before, helping you to find what you need with ease.

Hydro Shop

At Ashton Hydroponics we don’t want to be the hydro shop where you just come in, buy and leave. We want to be the place that you come to for advice and tips on getting the best yield from your plants. Our staff have over 30 years of real-life experience in Hydroponics and we want to share that experience with you, to help you get maximum yields.

We know however, that not everyone wants to come in-store for every question that they may have. That is why we will soon be updating our website weekly, with blogs from common troubleshooting problems to our very own experiments and experiences.

In the near future, we will also be looking at a monthly newsletter featuring the blogs of the month so they come straight to your inbox.

Our planned blogs include, the top 5 nutrients, how to prepare your hydroponic garden for the winter months. All these blogs will be aimed at one thing, giving our customers an even deeper understanding of Hydroponics and how to make the most out of your plant’s growth.

We want to make sure that you don’t feel like you have no one to help guide you through any issues that may arise. So, whether you’re just starting out, or you’re an experienced grower in Hydroponics you know that we will always have something useful to read on our website. Call into our Hydro shop for 1 to 1 advice from one of our experienced staff members.


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