PK Venom

PK Venom

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PK Venom is designed to maximise the weight and density of the plants flowering buds. Use this alongside the ChemGen KG yield enhancer to help maximise your yield.

PK Venom is a deluxe PK blend for the ultimate grower. This flowering additive combines three specialist secret ingredients designed to give the grower a monstrous yield.

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What To Expect
A beastly PK 18/20 designed to provide supplementary nutrition in all flowering plants.
Maximises flower buds to an epic proportion.
Promotes aggressive flowering using ancient natural hormones derived from rare plant extracts.

Application rates for all substrates during the flowering period.
0.25ml/L – Week 1/2
0.5ml/L – Week 3
0.75ml/L – Week 4/5
1.0ml/L – Week 6/7/8
Flush – Week 9