What is Hydroponics?

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The use of Hydroponics is on the rise. With supermarkets such as M&S growing Micro herbs in an underground WW2 air raid shelter, it is becoming the more sustainable solution for most businesses. With the ability to grow and harvest on your own doorstep it is becoming a much more popular way to garden.

For some people though the mention of Hydroponics can leave them scratching their heads as to what it is, as it is not widely spoken about.

To put it simply Hydroponics is the method of growing plants in an artificial environment in order to increase productivity. There are many variations of Hydroponics such as using greenhouses and methods such as fish farms. Essentially hydroponics is growing without the use of soil.

By using Hydroponics you are not limiting yourself with environmental factors. You can create the perfect growing environment by the use of Lights, Humidifiers, heaters and fans. You can always ensure that your plants are growing in the optimum environments, even in countries where growing crops are near impossible.

The soil which the plants would normally be placed in would be their only way of gaining the nutrients they need to grow. However by removing the soil and instead, replacing it with a nutrient solution you can tailor the nutrients that your plants receive meaning that it gets the good stuff it needs when it needs it. Also by removing the soil from your plants they have no risk of bad soil organisms causing disease to your plant.

Due to your plants not having to search for the nutrients in the soil you will find that the plant has a much smaller root meaning more energy is put into the stem and leaf growth, therefore leading to bigger and more efficient plant growth.

Hydroponics allows for plants to be grown where there may not be much soil, such as warmer climates that do not get much rain, and even in harsh winters with frost and snow.

Hydroponics is also much more eco-friendly. With Hydroponics farms using only 10% of the water to which normal farms would use for their crop. Also as there is no soil there is less need for pesticides.

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Sherridan Rhodes