Who said Hydroponics isn't for beginners?


For 2018 we wanted to set ourselves a fun project. We will be growing our very own plants, while taking you step by step with the products we use and how we get the best yield from our plants.

We will be starting off by growing chillies and sunflowers using the Chemgen range of nutrients. We will also take you through the type of equipment you will need to get started. This will be a great opportunity for those starting out to follow along with.

Week 1 -

So we have started our growing journey. We will take you through our first steps.

Equipment used:

  • Rootit Propagator

  • Natural rooting sponge

  • Ryzo (ChemGen)

  • Growth Technology PH down

  • Syringe

  • Bucket

  • Chilli Seeds

  • Sunflower Seeds

  • Foliar spray bottle.

Method: Germination of seeds

Step 1: Premix a ‘baby food type mix of Ryzo at 4ml per litre and adjust PH to 5.5. We use this ‘baby food’ to pre-soak our jiffys to provide seed with some food.

28342154_10214415437676440_1767809836_o (1).jpg


Step 2: Then we took natural rooting sponge and soaked them into the bucket of water. Once they have been thoroughly soaked, take each individual one and squeeze the excess water out. You want them moist but not drenched.

28278565_10214415438716466_1387854474_o (1).jpg


Step 3: Next you want to take your seeds and place one seed within the hole at the top of your natural rooting sponge. Once just one seed is inside, take a small piece of the natural rooting sponge from the side and use it to fill the hole. This needs to be done to help the seed germinate. Sealing the hole helps to create a warm and dark environment for it to grow.

28340203_10214415439116476_394393061_o (1).jpg



Step 4: Once your seeds are each individually inserted, place the natural rooting sponge into the Rootit propagator. We have left a gap between ones with sunflower seeds in and ones with the chilli seeds and labelled them to save confusion.

28309303_10214415441236529_1247831883_o (1).jpg


Step 5: Using a foliar spray bottle mix again some ‘baby food’ of Ryzo at 4ml. This will be used to keep your seeds moist. You will want to spray this mixture over your soil a few times a day to ensure that it keeps moist and humid. Once the propagator lid has been set on top this will be easy to spot as you will notice the cover is wet. If it is not this means they are dry and will need a light misting

28309543_10214415437836444_2023077043_o (2).jpg

Step 6: Once the propagator has been covered make sure the vents remain closed. You will need to store it in a dark and warm place (16°c - 21°c) . For this we have chosen under our radiators. We will be placing a cover over this to keep it dark throughout the day.




Once the above steps have been followed it should take 1-2 weeks for your seeds to start coming through. Remember to keep them moist with the foliar spray and to keep them warm and in a dark place.


We will keep you updated with our progress and the next steps when our seeds have started sprouting!

Sherridan Rhodes