Top 5 Benefits of having an indoor garden

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There are many benefits that you can gain from having an indoor garden. We will start with the obvious one, that you can do it all indoors! For many people gardening indoors sometimes simply isn't an option due to living in apartments, high-rise buildings or sharing a communal garden. However, that doesn’t mean that you have to give up your love of having a green thumb.

Here are our top 5 benefits of using hydroponics for an indoor garden -

  1. Avoid the British weather - We can all agree that the British weather is not one that we can depend on with its temperamental state. This can make growing plants a more strenuous task and can even lead to your plant's demise! With Hydroponics you control the environment that your plants grow in, aiding you to perfect the optimal growing environment.

  2. More superior plants - With the use of hydroponics you have full control over all aspects of your plant's growth. From the lighting to the temperature, you can find the right balance for your plants and vegetables. This will help them grow bigger, better and tastier. Also store-bought vegetables are picked before they are given the chance to ripen on the vine. With an indoor garden, you can let them ripen on the vine giving an even better taste.

  3. Fewer pests - Growing outdoors can bring many complications such as slugs or a bug infestation. With indoor gardening, there is less chance of this happening which in turn means you have less use for pesticides enabling you to enjoy your plants and vegetables even more. Fewer pesticides mean a more organic and natural plant is then produced.

  4. Environmental benefits - Even though this applies to those on a bigger scale there are environmental benefits to hydroponics. There would be less fossil fuel consumption due to less fruit, veg and herbs needing to be imported to different countries around the world. With locally grown food we can help to lower fuel consumption.

  5. Creative outlet - For many people gardening can be just as creative as a painting. You get to choose the plants you grow, how you grow them and which ones to clone. This can help to be a stress relief in people's lives who are used to only the busy city life that they see everyday. Helping to bring a bit of nature back in your life.

So there are just some of the few benefits to indoor gardening! If you are looking to start your indoor garden for a hobby or professional purposes then we can help you flourish. Visit our store to start your very own hydroponic garden.

Sherridan Rhodes