Week 3

We are now on week 3 of our growing journey and it is going great so far. We have seen massive improvements with our plants so far!

Both the sunflower and the chillies have now been relocated to our main growing room now the roots have fully began to spread out.


Dimlux lighting

Dimlux maxi controller


Chemgen Ryzo, A+B & chemzyme

0.5L Pots

Spreader mat

Step 1: Repeating the same as last week we have now potted our chillies. We took our pot and lightly packed it with Bio Light Mix. Same as the sunflowers, when filling your pot with soil you want to make sure that it is fairly loose as you do not want the roots to struggle to grow through the soil.

Step 2: You now want to create a deep hole into your soil as shown below. This needs to be deep as the roots will spread out in the first few days. Once your hole is made, add a teaspoon of Plant Magic Plus granules to the bottom of the hole. This contains mycorrhizae for increased root mass and stress resistance.

29633900_10214748629606030_1802000770_o (1).jpg


Step 3: We have then placed our pots on top of spreader matts. This will help for the water to be distributed evenly to the plant.

The room will now be set to 24°c - 26°c in the day time and 18°c - 21°c in the night time. We are using Dimlux lights and timed heaters to ensure optimal temperatures. We have been using a Plant camera which measure the temperature of the plant. Should there become a 2 degree difference in the plant temperature the Dimlux maxi controller will turn the light off depending to cool.

Your humidity needs to be kept stable at 65% - 70%. To make sure humidity stays constant we have used the HR-15 Humidifier. This is also connected to the Dimlux maxi controller When humidity drops this will automatically switch on keeping the room warm and humid.

Sunflower Update

The sunflower has grown quite a bit and we have had to move to a bigger pot! We encountered one slight problem with our leaves beginning to cup. This means that the sunflower is too dry. To combat the increased the humidity within the room. Also, we have provided a foliar spray feed 2x per week.

We are now starting to add 1x per week of ChemGen nutrients as per the chart feed.

29634131_10214748630686057_37560926_o (1).jpg


Please contact our sales team in regards to any equipment used!

Sherridan Rhodes