Week 2


Our sunflower seeds were the first to appear after germinating for a week. So this week we have moved them from the propagator to one of our tents to help it further flourish.



  • Bio Light mix soil

  • Plant pot

  • Plant Magic Plus Granules

  • Ryzo

  • Tent

  • Light

  • Tubular heater




Step 1 - After both the stem and roots protrude from our natural rooting sponge it was time for our plants to be potted. We took a small sized square pot and lightly packed it with Bio Light Mix. We chose this because we are planning to put our plant outside so Coco would not be suitable for our sunflowers as soil is very robust. When filling your pot with soil you want to make sure that it is fairly loose as you do not want the roots to struggle to grow through the soil.

  Step 2 - You now want to create a deep hole into your soil as shown below. This needs to be deep as the roots will spread out in the first few days. Once your hole is made, add a teaspoon of Plant Magic Plus granules to the bottom of the hole. This contains mycorrhizae for increased rot mass and stress resistance.

28810914_10214554379869908_1888706038_o (1).jpg


Step 3 - Place your plant inside the hole you have just created making sure that the roots come into contact with the Plant Magic Plus. Once placed in the hole pour soil over your plant so there is a flat surface as seen below and support the seedling for its first week.

Step 4 - Lightly spray your plant with ‘baby feed’ which for this we have used Ryzo by Chemgen at 4ml per 1 litre of water. Place inside of a propagator. On this stage of growing your plant will now need light, we recommend 8 - 10 hours minimum. For this we are using Maxi Brights ⅗ CMH daylight kit with Agro lamp.

Also we used a tubular heater placed on timer to keep our plant at a temperature between 16°c – 21°c as our shop gets too cold at night when the lights are off. We have placed our Sunflower in the propagator with the chillies to keep it humid and warm until it is stable size to go into a large pot. We have also places a spreader mat onto the prop to allow even bottom feeding without over watering and it will hold water for a few days to save daily feeding.

Our sunflower so far seems to be growing at a great rate. We will update you on the next steps as our flower grows! If you would like to purchase any of the products used speak to our staff.

Sherridan Rhodes