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    Winter Is Coming…

    Game of Thrones may now be over for another long and gruelling year but winter is still coming and the temperature is slowly dropping each day. We know it’s only just turned to autumn but now is the best time to start thinking about how you will prepare your hydroponic system for the colder months to come. The cold temperatures

  • continues-to-grow

    Ashton Hydroponics continues to grow

    There have been many changes going on at Ashton Hydroponics within the last year, our biggest one being the move to a new megastore! Which so far has shown to be a great choice with the new fantastic showroom, from which we have had great feedback! As spoken about in a previous blog we are now able to bring you

  • benefits

    Top 5 Benefits of having an indoor garden

    There are many benefits that you can gain from having an indoor garden. We will start with the obvious one, that you can do it all indoors! For many people gardening indoors sometimes simply isn’t an option due to living in apartments, high-rise buildings or sharing a communal garden. However, that doesn’t mean that you have to give up your

  • ashton

    Ashton Hydroponic Shop – Bigger & Better

    As many of you may have heard we have now moved our Ashton Hydroponics shop over to our new unit in Manchester, Audenshaw. It was safe to say that we needed the extra space as we are now able to give you more products than ever before! When you pop into our store you will find everything that you’ll need

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