• week-3

    Week 3: Our Plant’s are Growing Strong!

    We are now in week 3 of our growing journey and it is going great so far. We have seen massive improvements with our plants so far! Both the sunflower and the chillies have now been relocated to our main growing room now the roots have fully begun to spread out.   Equipment Dimlux lighting Dimlux maxi controller Humidifier Chemgen

  • sunflower

    Week 2 of our Growing Journey

    Our sunflower seeds were the first to appear after germinating for a week. So this week we have moved them from the propagator to one of our tents to help it further flourish. Equipment: Bio-Light mix soil Plant pot Plant Magic Plus Granules Ryzo Tent Light Tubular heater Method: Step 1 – After both the stem and roots protrude from

  • chillies

    Who said Hydroponics isn’t for beginners?

    For 2018 we wanted to set ourselves a fun project. We will be growing our very own plants, while taking you step by step with the products we use and how we get the best yield from our plants.   We will be starting off by growing chillies and sunflowers using the Chemgen range of nutrients. We will also take

  • gardens-for-everyone

    Believe us…… You don’t need a garden to grow your own plants!

    The 21st Century is seeing more houses and buildings being built. This is resulting in less land for nature to take place and allow us to grow our own plants and produce. Construction of high-rise buildings being built to accommodate our ever-growing population has led to people being left disheartened at the lack of options and space when it comes

  • pest-control

    Pest Control

    Everyone who has been in the Hydroponics industry knows the struggle of when your plants get infected with pests. Try as hard as you may, sometimes you can’t always stop the infiltration. So we know that you want to deal with these pests in the quickest and most efficient way.  So what are the most common types of pests and

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