Plant!t Perlite

Plant!t Perlite

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Plant!t Perlite is a natural and pH neutral growing medium which is formulated using volcanic rock and other mineral rich, organic ingredients. It is a top quality product used worldwide to improve the performance of whatever soil you apply it to, keeping it light and allowing air and water to reach the roots of your plants whilst stimulating and aiding nutrient uptake.

  • Completely sterile, pH neutral and organic formula
  • Ideal for breaking up heavy soil to give your plants the perfect environment to grow
  • Odourless and safe to handle
  • Stimulates germination

Adding Plant!t Perlite to any soil mix is a sure way to get guaranteed results every time, and it’s really never been easier to remove the problems attitributed to having heavy soil stifling the growth of your plants. This product is also ideal for repairing and laying down lawns as well as planting both trees and shrubs, as it aerates the soil and catalyses root development.

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