Plant!t Vermiculite

Plant!t Vermiculite

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Plant!t Vermiculite is a wholly natural, sterile and soft mineral, offering unmatched insulation for your plants and formidable water holding properties. Its unique formula allows it to significantly boost the water retention of any chosen media, with a high cation exchange capacity guaranteeing a steady nutrient release back to your plants when they need it most.

  • High water retention allowing for sustained seed growth
  • Holds moisture to protect against adverse weather and aid re-wetting
  • Perfect to add to sandy soils or dried out ground
  • High cation exchange capacity
  • Easy, safe and simple to use

Plant!t Vermiculite is a top quality mica mineral product which is as versatile as it is reliable. It makes for the perfect product when it comes to seed propagation, potting compost and soil conditioning, and when used correctly can produce a stunning result every time. Give your plants what they deserve, and make sure they have all the moisture they need.

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