Gold Label Hydrocorn 50L

Gold Label Hydrocorn 50L


Gold Label Hydrocorn is made using a unique mix of clays, specially formulated to avoid contamination. Their SIZE provides excellent stability for your plants, and creates an ideally airy environment for roots sure to impress even the most experienced growers.

  • Irregular shape and porous surface allows for huge water holding capacity
  • Naturally low CF level
  • Provides a stable medium for your plants to grow into
  • Able to be re-used, mixed into soil or utilised as top dressing

Gold Label Hydrocorn pebbles are one of the best products on the market when it comes to giving your plants a chance to grow as strong and healthy as possible. Each pebble has a rough, porous surface that allows for huge water intake and catalysed drainage, meaning you’ll never have to worry about waterlogging, and the space between each pebble contains a healthy amount of oxygen in order to let roots grow freely.

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