Pest Control


Everyone who has been in the Hydroponics industry knows the struggle of when your plants get infected with pests. Try as hard as you may, sometimes you can’t always stop the infiltration. So we know that you want to deal with these pests in the quickest and most efficient way.  So what are the most common types of pests and how can we get rid of them?

Spider Mites

Spider Mites

Well the most commonly heard about pest is the Spider Mite, they’re only 1mm in size but can wreak havoc on your plants. Spider mites are arachnids and because of their small size, you don’t always know you have them until to you see the destruction they have brought onto your plants. A way to know if you have spider mites is to look for webbing, then with a tissue wipe, the underside of your plants leaves. If you come away with spider mite blood well then you can be sure that your plants are infested with spider mites. You need to attack Spider Mites the moment you notice them to limit the damage they can do to your plants. Insecticides such as pyrethrum can have the best results. Pyrethrum is nature’s own fast-acting insecticide. Repeat every 3 days until you see that all spider mites are gone. Other recommended products are Nite Nite Spider Mite and See Ya Mite. Both which have a great record of dealing and getting rid of Spider Mites effectively.





Another common pest that can have a detrimental effect on your plants is Thrips. These are small with a greenish, black colour, that move so quickly that they make catching them a very hard job. However, you can clearly see the destruction that they leave clear enough. Thrips suck your plants dry of all their sugar, so it is best to act fast to prevent further damage. One sufficient way to deal with thrips is to make sure that you block all access to your roots. This can be done by shielding the root zone with plastic.



Fungus Gnat


Fungus Gnats are tiny flying (even worse) insects. The problem isn’t the fully grown Fungus Gnats, they are actually harmless to your plants, it’s the larvae which they leave behind which becomes the problem. These will attack the roots of your plants and can lead to a very slow death of your plant. The product we most recommend is Tanlin, this is a biological control for Fungus Gnats. The microcrystals are eaten by the Fungus Gnat larvae, swelling inside its gut, perforating the gut wall and effectively killing the larvae. Use this every ten days until you feel confident that you are free of all Fungus Gnats.


Mealybug (Pseudococcidae)

Mealybug (Pseudococcidae)

Mealybugs are sap-feeding insects that weaken the plants and excrete a sticky substance. You will spot this by noticing a fluffy white wax, honeydew and sooty moulds. Pyrethrum again is a great solution for these bugs. PYRETHRUM 5EC can also help you against the following pests – beetles, aphids, blackfly, greenfly, caterpillars and whitefly on organic flowers, fruit, and vegetables. Because of its low toxicity plants can be harvest after 24 hours of use.

Smoke bombs can be used on nearly all living pests however we advise turning off the intake and extractor fan for 30 minutes while the fumes take effect. Smoke bombs are not harmful to plants and can be used while plants are in the room. However Flea and Fly bomb should be used when there are no plants in the room, this is imperative.

At Ashton Hydroponics we always say that prevention is always better than a cure with pest control so we recommend that you check your plants frequently for any signs of pest and speak to us about how you can lower your risk of getting a pest infestation.

If you would like further advice on how to solve your pest problem then please do not hesitate to contact us or visit in store.

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