“Deal with the innovators not the imitators”

Ashton Hydroponics is a hydroponics megastore based in Greater Manchester. We Established the business in 2009 after a gap in the market was seen by director and company owner Darren Traynor. He aspired to create a shop that offered high quality products as well as a excellent service that left customers with a lasting impression. To achieve  this he needed a team who dedicated themselves to the Hydroponics industry. Allowing for not only product knowledge but a personal understanding of the industry, helping to create a unique customer experience. Our team has helped lead to our unprecedented growth over the past 8 years, which has been down to the product knowledge and amazing customer support service. Benefiting our customers in such a way that they continue to come back to Ashton Hydroponics we can guarantee, you will not receive this level of service from any other hydroponic shop.


Our Team

What makes us unique compared to other leading hydroponics stores is we are an employee base that thrives on being one big family! Meaning every time you come in you feel comfortable around us.

Our team is made up of family and best friends! Darren Traynor the company director came into this business with his younger cousin Thomas Hartley the husband of Finance Partner Jade Hartley. With best friends Michael and Lee stepping in as managers it helped us solidify a strong foundation. Our team members include Corey and James who are our hard working young workers. With Christian and Sherridan managing the business marketing and social media accounts. It all adds up for a dedicated, productive working team and welcoming atmosphere.


Not only have we built great customer relationships but our suppliers are now very aware of how successful we are in the Hydroponics industry, this enables us to offer great products at competitive prices.

Our retail  mega-store stocks a huge variety of products necessary for all your cultivating needs and our newly enhanced website makes life easier for those wanting to explore everything on offer in our shop and more.

The Ashton Hydroponics blog will also now provide you with more information than ever before! We want to be your go to shop for advice and tips because aspire to do more than just sell a products to you. Helping guide you through your hydroponic journey. Whether you're just starting out or are an experienced grower, we will be able to assist you.


Our sales force have always believed that our customers come first and that is why we are constantly developing our customer service skills to ensure that our customers have the best experience with us in-store and online. We don’t want to be just known for selling great products, we want to be remembered for the service that we deliver to our day in and day out.

At Ashton we want you to trust what we say and to always walk away happy every time. We aim to ensure our Suppliers enjoy working with us and for Manufacturers to rely on our feedback from products and help in launching new products into the hydro industry.

We hope that you will find everything that you need on our online store. We would appreciate any feedback from you in using the website either good or bad as your suggestions are key to a successful business. Should you need any further assistance contact our sales team on 0161 339 1673.

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